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Fade To Black
Ya ever wonder about the future?
Schemin and dreamin for a power booster
I'm a female, and you can see in my eyes
Tears I cry as the next man lies
There's a remedy for a help that's needed
Gun to his head and his life he pleaded
Compassion, shown none at all
Search for sundown, a body falls
Let's all join hands, you and me
A moment of silence for the departed, you see
Align, a time, cause we gotta fight
Put up your hands so we can unite
Stand strong with the unit that's tight
But young man, is it worth your life?
I flip a day, a better way
>From back in my mind, yes, my conscience say
Together, we a people as one
Bless the father and protect the son
Eternity passed everlast is the blessing
Lies revolve around a homeboy stressin
Untold, rogue, bought and sold
A mother's son in and out is growin cold
A time, a change, yes, as I reach
It takes a better man to learn, not teach
Day by day, yes, we must have each
Released your chains and set free your leash

And fade to black
Livin right 'n exact
Where the next man lack
Come on, come on, fade to black
Fade to black
Livin right 'n exact
Where the next man lack
Come on, come on, fade to black

Well, it's a search for sundown, nowhere to be found
And you're born in a town and you gotta be down
You gotta play to pay, to make your way
Double jeopardy everyday
Because a posse in effect and they ridin with a shotgun
Don't push up till you're done
I live the life, I got the right
I know the game - now what's my name?
Kick off, I set off in a Jetta
Sell a lotta drugs, make cash, then get a
Fly car, so you can flex around
Just another way tryin to be down
Young man, do you know where you stand?
In pursuit of the promised land
Searchin for meaning or who you am
Livin fast and don't give a damn

Fade to black
Livin right 'n exact
Where the next man lack
Come on, come on, fade to black
Fade to black
Livin right 'n exact
Pickin up the slack
Come on, come on, fade to black

Cause command is a order of direction
Love is a feeling of affection
Tryin to take, tryin got break, tryin to make
Are you real or are you just a fake?
Is it front or money you make?
Will you be found dead, thrown in a lake?
There was a young kid movin kinda fast
Start makin dollars, but could he make it last?
A Johnny Come Lately, Johnny B. Goode
New flex in your neighborhood
Get the jewerly now, put the car on hold
Roll up the ave., yes, to buy the gold
Johnny was a kid with a lotta heart
But we all knew it from the very start
Destined to be somebody
Join a big time, big town drug posse
The life he sought, yes, the ticket he bought
Five-o said, "Freeze!" homeboy was caught
Violated.. violated.. violated to the maximum
Yes, five-o came, they passed homeboy the gun
He got scared and he started to run
And a father lose, yes, his first born son
Homeboy, tell me who won?
You gotta fade to black
Because it's right 'n exact
Pickin up the slack
Where the next man lack
Dependin on your posse to have your back
They disappear, come on and fade to black

Yo, yo
Street violence is a terrible thing
1 out of 10 black men are succumbing to street violence daily
Yo, think about
Think aobut it twice
Yo, and do the right thing, god

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