Letra da Música: Ridin' Low - L.A.D.

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(Verse 1: L.A.D.)
Here we go again as I proceed to get my cruise on
You and I alone, on our own
As we gon' to the top of the mountain by the water fountain gettin it on
And we aint leaving to early break of dawn
Because it's all about my baby doll and me
From the bottom of the barrel and to the top and it don't stop
Because a true G never runs outta gas
Cause if he does let him through till I let him pass
She don't get mad if I get down and heat the super stach
cause a brother like me known to make that secret blast
And I'ma make you right and ready, yo to cruise with me
But save the drama, cause can't nobody feel my lady
She never shady, she's never been that kinda flirt
And as we cruise, kick the flavor so this can work
So let me kiss you in the places that no one else can get
As we do it up in Ridin Low

{Chorus: Darvy Traylor)
Ridin Low, wit my girl
And feeling High
Your so fine and your mine
And your mine, all my mine, yea
Hold me tight babydoll
let's take a cruisin to the night
Oh yeah, Everything's gonna be alright

(Verse 2)
She's macadocioius she takes me to another level hands on protection
So don't nobody get in trobule dont bust my bubble honey
I can't wait to see your face, its only been a day
But already these empty spaces making me crazy
Baby yo i love you too I'm calling up your crib
Cause girl I wanna cruise wit you
Keep on the down low, so don't nobody else know
Honey, then again, it's you the world I wanna show
So just kick back and enjoy the ride
Cause every woman needs a G to be by her side
And if I'm cruisin wit you then the feelings right
From the early break of morning till break of night
A lady trip, it still aint over yet theres alot to hit
Relaxin ridin low, low as we can get, kickin it
And its on ridin low you and I alone
Me and my girl, and we ridin low


(Verse 3)
Cruise into the night honey I wont bite unless you want me to
Plus the phillies just to keep the cruisin chilly huh
I'm takin away got out straight just like come columbo
Cause when I cruise wit you it's the booommmmmmbbbb yo
So come wit me and baby we can cruise the night away
A little bit of conversation and alotta play
Let's reminice reminice over all the love we share
Thats how we do, ah let me take you there

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