Letra da Música: The One You Love - K-Otic

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You're on top of the world
and its got you down
when you're flying trough the air or
when you're crashing to the ground
when you're searching for the light
it's nowhere to be found
just find me baby

I don't wanna be distranged
and ever tie you down
I won't ever be the broken wings
that keep you on the ground
but when you start to sing
i will be the sound
just let me baby

I only wanna be the one you love
I only wanna be the one you want
so come and get me baby
let me lose inside your soul
I only wanna be your everything
I wanna be the star in all your dreams
I'll do anything to be the one you love

o oh

Baby you can tell me everything
all the secrets of your heart
you could look inside of me
and see how beautiful you are
I wanna show you everyting
each and every part in me is yours
just take it baby


Let me be the lover
you want to uncover
let me be the one you love
hey baby yeah


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