Letra da Música: Possessive Emotions - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers

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Possessive emotions creeping up on me
I wish my emotions had less jealousy
Don t want you to be with nobody else but me
Wherever you are that s where i want to be
Is it wrong to feel this way?
Jealousy go away
When you are out shopping and i m home alone
Possessive emotions make me wish i d gone
I look for your car lights coming up the hill
Want to tell you i miss you ... just can t get my fill
Possessive emotions make me feel so low
Don t want to be lonesome cause it hurts me so
I ve got to be with you everywhere you go
If you talk to somebody i just got to know
Is it wrong to feel this way?
Jealousy go away
If i didn t feel this way about my girl
That she was the only one in all the world
I wouldn t be caring for her quite so strong
Maybe it s why my love has been going so long

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