Letra da Música: Sandy Grey - John Martyn

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Oh Sandy Grey, are you going away?
Leave me a message before parting
Time has changed you and the things that pain you
Are the things you think of as you're starting

Oh Sandy Grey, it's only this I'll pray
That you might stay here one more day in laughter
Won't you hang around and hold me, repeat all the lies you told me?
Do your rambling after

Oh Sandy Grey, what ever made you want to stay?
And now what makes you want to be a-leaving?
Is it the same thing they found when they laid your father down
Or are your reasons even worth retrieving?

Oh Sandy Grey, don't leave me just today
Don't think on the road you'll be a-going
Think of all the time and the days we've had to mind
Of the future there's no way of knowing

Oh Sandy Grey, I thought I heard you say
That you ain't heard one word that I've been speaking
There's no use in trying you escaping from my mind
And I'll never see the world you're seeking

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