Letra da Música: There It Is - James Brown

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Help, there it is
Hey, so so, need taste
Mind is right
Hey, in the right place
Doing you do
Like you're suppose to be
Give up time
Run the game on me
Then do it in the real side
Staying at your own
Be satisfied
Meeting at the big house
Get down

Let everybody know
Let everybody know
Man to squeeze
His sister down
Get up and do what, what you can
Get up and do what you can
So to work a seat
Game don't mean nothing to me
Because you can't run a game on me
Told me to thank to me
Don't mean a thing
Hey, cut it, come on

Playing the cook in the dark sun
Wax wet don't have fun
Time to get short
We got school
Cooking time, mama
We got to prove
Hey, lone at your seat
Then came on to me
Lone at your seat
Came, told me to go back to me
Lone at zoo
Hey, cut it

Hit it

I've been thinkin'
On the real side
Staying, showing enough
To be satisfied
Meeting at a big house
So we all get down
Let everybody know

Help, there it is, there it is
You got a neat thing
You got a neat thing
What is a neat thing
I got a neat thing
Get up, do what you can
Get up, do what you can
Till bubble to see
Can't win a game
Mean nothing to me
Get home, do it
Get home, do it
You got to know it
So you can do it
Playin', come on do it, come on
Hey, cut it, hey, get up

Playing, cutting in the dark
Wiggling, I wanna... I wanna beat him
I got to, got to have fun, yeah
Time to talk, show, got to move
Get up and do time, I need to do it
Hey, hey, hey, time...
Time to show, ain't got time to think
Hey, get it, come on, hey, hey
Get it... hey, get it
Get going, get out, baby...

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