Letra da Música: The Scientist Writes A Letter - Herbert Vianna

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My Dear
Unless chance finds us face to face again
This is the last you´ll hear from me
I spent this sunday, a long afternoon
Freezing at my friend´s house by the sea
We men of science...You know
I´ve returned to my research in magnetic fields
It´s funny how attractive indifference can be
My sence of failure...It´s not so important
Electricity means so much more to me
We men of science...You know
It´s snowing again, it seems its always snowing
I sit down to write, and its so cold
Outside my window there´s a tree
So write I can hardly look at it
It´s quiet here, I look thru my glass
At patterns all so well defined
Please send my winter coat soon as you can
I find I have no other lines
We men of science....You know
All the best, all the best for you

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