Letra da Música: Voiceless - H.D.C.P#

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...and now that times had change
I´m strong as you´ll never be
You´ve always wanted me down
(so depressed as you may be)
...right now, all alone, you´ve begun to feel the truth
So you sit down and start to think
About a certains guy that had always been with you..

I´ve got out of you sight
´till the turn of the tide(1a vez)
So i could rearrange my life(2a vez)
Now you cannot put me down
´cause i´m strong, proud of been alive

Thoughts can easily fade and
Freedom can be easily taken away
Visons can be ignored
(visons can be ignored)
But feelings they just can´t be forged

Now i know waht it means to be alive(3x)

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