Letra da Música: Fresh - G. Gina

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Hey boy, you wanna get fresh?

what would you say
if i kissed you right now
would you turn and walk away
or be asking me to stay?
what would you do
if i told you a lie?
would you fall to your knees?
or be begging me please?

bridge 1
baby it's a matter of time
can't you see what's on my

i wanna get fresh with you baby
i wanna do all the things that
turn you on
i wanna get fresh, get a litte
if it feels so right,
how can it be wrong tonight?
oh baby


if you take a look at the woman at me
i'm a natural thing and i'm wild and free it's up
to you, you can take it or leave it
my mind's made up and you
better believe it

baby we could have a good time
just relax cos we've got tonight


oh baby

ad lib
oh, oh oh whooh oh yeah
i,i,i, wanna get, wanna get fresh
(repeat last two lines)
bridge 2
chorus x 2
ad lib x 2

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