Letra da Música: Dance Til We Die - Funeral For a Friend

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And I love you
And i wanna tell you
wanna tell you everything

and the knife I've placed upon you're throat
will keep you from leaving
the knife i've placed before you
will cause my grieving
but I'll love you so much more
when i know when i know
you'll never betray me

such a pretty angel you will be
all the others want to be me
but no one will touch you if you're stained with blood
I'll be careful beauty, I'll wear the gloves

and i don't deserve to have you
but I want you
I want you
i want to be the only one
others lived in your heart before me
i want to be the last one
no one can have you after me
no one will get the opportunity now....

can i have this dance before you die?
i want to share the last dance with you
i want to dance with you
before i do what im about to ......

I'm so sorry I'm so sorry
for loving you this much
can you feel can you feel
the knifes about to touch
i love you that much

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