Letra da Música: Trows Kind - Elvenking

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Concealed from the view
Hidden from the knowledge of Men
A little kind through trees it lives
Nymphs of dark and lust
"Fairy of bad fate!"

Somebody tells he has seen
Some of the little ones
Some even that have talked with them

So nice and handsome
"Please, don't be such a fool!
Tell everyone that the witches come tonight"

Desire grows, denial howls
Your will has gone
"Divine the wicked multitude
Worship your servitude"
Enthroned and ringed with gold
Of the mighty old oak
I'm on the lightness side

Daughters and sons
There are times to carry on,
All my life for you
Keep on singing my tale
Deny the Trows kind
Don't you dare to stay behind?
Through years and centuries,
through myth and poetry
Our race's slowly dying
in the heart of mankind

Deep in the woods
They're dressed with the fruits of earth
Arcane adorers of the roots
Dance Henking tonight
"Fairy of bad fate!"

-bridge and chorus-

Trapped in a web of branches
and leaves dead
You hear voices reciting a prayer...
come nearer and see!

"Hare hare good sent the care
I am in a haire likeness, just see me there
But I shall be in a woman's likeness soon"

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