Letra da Música: Yee - E-40

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[Chorus: E-40]
That's the call of my thugs
When they step up in the club they go "YEE!"
When you hit the prison bricks
From Vallejo or the Rich' they holla "YEE!"
You can catch me in the traffic
In the Cutlass or the Maverick holla'n "YEE!"
If it's lookin like some static
We gon' bust them automatics like "YEE!"

My area code grow some of the best weed in the world
My ninja we ain't no punk
They say we need to take a bath in tomato juice
Cause we always smell like skunk
Sloppy drunk, 9 times out of 10, or e'ry time you see me
Bendin co'ners, in my brand new Dodge Durango Hemi
Pimpin the law up on us! Officer Smokey and Mr. Johnny Law
Always pullin me over and searchin my fuckin car
Searchin my glutteus maximus, flashlight in my drawers
Actin like some batches-es, thinkin I got raw!
Doin it big, take a swig, sip a sip, twist a lid
Smoke a spliff, or a {?}, push a wig, 'bout my nig
E'rybody wanna talk that talk
Wanna walk that walk, wanna bark that bark
E'rybody wanna pop that pop
Wanna drop that stop with a pillowtop
I get a call from Young Bop, he up out my zone
He said yo' Hillside nigga Ned on his way home
I said well tell him to call me I love his ass to death
Any nigga hatin we gon' take his last breath


[Too $hort]
Beotch! Beotch!
It's yo' potnah from the town mayne
I see y'all doin it big, you gettin down mayne
Yeah I fuck with the V, Richmond know me
Wherever niggaz ballin that's where bitches gon' be
You can go across the bridge, fuckin with a bitch
Don't matter which side, you'll be all up in some shit
before you know it, it ain't like it used to be
E'rybody got straps that shoot you or me
I don't give a fuck about who, I don't even know you
Whassup? Yeah pimpin, I got my thang too
And it's cool, cause I know you know it
I ain't even gotta pull it, I ain't even gotta show it
Don't blow it, that's what a black man's thinkin
I'll be layin underground in a casket stinkin
If I slip, I gotta keep my poise
You hear that eight-oh-eight bumpin
Man what's all that noise?


Get your head busted in, I'm not your boy or your friend {*2X*}
You said dat do dat, pull dat shoot that
Now where your crew at, what'chu gon' do next?
I'm a West coast nigga, YEE!
I'm a East coast nigga, YEE!
I'm a Down South nigga, YEE!
I'm a Midwest nigga, YEE!


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