Letra da Música: Its All Gravity - E-40

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What it do, what that is pimp
What you say, talk to me I talk back
Oooh, I heard that, oooh

Skinny bank, that bank, foreign cars, candy paint
Jelly jars, battle scars, rap stars, pin and ranks
Drinking drink, hit the dank, getting stank, for my bank
Stick and move, show improve, ghetto jew, think I ain't
Have the grip, pockets fit, dirty stained mattress man
Chopping up llelo, top of the dirty ass piece and mattress man
Put a razor blade in a safety pain in my hand
Flipping incarceration, penitentiary chances man
Half a grand I spend a day, check your feet, half a pow wow
Off some weed, love the pow wow, when I keep, keep my style now
Watch me speed, trust the cuff they love that
Rubies spent off, walk with a limp walk ?

Say you wanna be a rap star, drive a real nice car
Without true game you can't get far, but it's all gravity
Struggling, gritting grinding mayn, it's all gravity
It's all gravity, I'm so deep off in this game
It's all gravity, struggling, gritting grinding mayn
It's all gravity, I'm so deep off in this game

Just something that was happening now, like goomer pile
I predict in about a month, ya'll gone love this huh
Make a gangsta wanna funk, all in your trunk
Got him hollering yeah that shit there ain't no punk
Fully recouped, money chunky like the soup
Back in the days I use to rock a troop jacket
Me and everybody in my cabinet, we was shining

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