Letra da Música: Work That Magic - Donna Summer

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Only you...

And the man and woman fall in love...
and it's magic...pure magic

(Work that magic)...

All alone
on a night like this
with nothing to do
but think about you

Under the moon
two lovers kiss
and all I can do
is think about you

I fall in love with you
day after day after day
baby in New York heartbeat
a herd of wild horses
could not keep me away
and that's no promise
that's a guarantee

Without you
my heart is frantic
distant love can be become tragic
when we touch
it's so romantic
only you can work that magic
only you...can work that magic (x3)

In my heart
I hold your hand
I'm gonna be true
so true to you baby

And I've decided
to make a love stand
next to you...right next to you baby

I fall in love with you (etc.)


When the night
comes closing in
be there for me...be there baby

we'll sail away
to a magic land
stay forever...stay forever

tenderly you call my name
turned my heart into a burning flame

Without you
my heart is frantic
when we touch
it's so romantic
so romantic
c'mon now...work it
work that magic (x4)

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