Letra da Música: The Planet Is Alive - Donna Summer

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There is life in shadowed caverns
where the gray-blue gardens grow
in the forest and the deserts
in the wind and in the snows
and it's all the precious cargo
of our fragile spaceship earth
and its countless voices cry on
let us live
let us live

The miracle is that they're here
at all in the timeless night
we are all fabric of life
this miracle may never come again
the planet is alive let it live
let us live

In the roaring soaring cities
in the mills and in the minds
in the ice fields and the rice fields
people work and live their lives
and they strive to raise their children
hoping somehow they'll survive
is it all to much to ask for
let them live
let them live

It's a thousand million light years
to the farthest fringe of space
and there may be nothing out there
even we may be all alone
then on our tiny island home
and the planet is alive
oh let it live
let it live

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