Letra da Música: On My Honor - Donna Summer

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Here I am
on my own again
the day rush by
the nights all seem so slow
guess I've let you down
in my way, some how
if you take me back
I know we'll make it
we'll make a promise
and then break it

On my honor
I will try
always do
the best I can
though the tears
may fall like drops
from my eyes honey
On your honor
I will try
if you want me to be strong
I'll give it everything I have
you'll never have to worry
cause we're not in a hurry
On my honor I will try

It's a lover's dance
in a fiery chant
don't be afraid
to face the
music now
it's a gambler's chance
not a lost romance
and I'm not you
and you're not me and
sometimes we feel differently

Repeat chorus

I will try
I will try
I will try
I'll try

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