Letra da Música: Third World Friendship - Dead Fish

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What's your conception what you call a friend
sometimes is hard to know it is real or it's a dream.
And i used to have this guys who were here in my mind
but for money shit they must left the friendship away
they used to be angry together
we use to scream and fight
now can you tell me what's right
they used to be my friend
we used to smile and fight
now can you show me what's right i thought i wasted
time but now i know you guys will be with me.
The only thing to fight is for position
and if you don't society will eat you
these guys, you know, are gone 'cuz they don't want this fucking' shit.
And now they clean the white feet in a first world nation.
They used to be my friend
we used to smile and fight
and i don't know what's goin' on!
I thought i wasted time
I don't know I just tried
but now I know you guys will be with me.

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