Letra da Música: Who Needs The Whiskey - Chris Cagle

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she caught me on the back porch once again
in the middle of a fight we both Knew i couldn't win.
then she came up from behind and took my glass
and she said hold me instead and soon the urge will pass
and then she whispered I'm forever by your side
and together we can beat this thing one step at a time

then she kissed me mmm and it moved me
yea she took away the fear and pain and
gave someting new to sooth me
she said she needs me
oh and she loves me
and with a woman as strong as that
yea who needs the whiskey?

well i kept my weakness hidden for so long
oh but she gave me the stregnth to admit that I'd been wrong
and when I asked her why she stood right by my side,
she said you'd do the same for me
with tears in her eyes then she wrapped her arms around me
and held me close and said if you ever need
something stronger baby just let me know

yes she said she loves me and she'd never leave me
and with a woman as strong as that yea
with a woman as strong as that well who needs the whiskey?
i'm free yea who needs the whiskey?

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