Letra da Música: Maria - Chris Cagle

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I'm exhausted, trying to catch my breath the morning' after
I hold my coffee with shaking hands and my world in disarray
Lost by the softness and the strength that's in her hands
I see her face and I can barely stand
But oh the sweet redemption every time she mentions that she wants me
Oh, that she needs me

Oh Maria your kisses knock me over
Make me drunk then leave me sober
They let me know that I'm a man
Maria, your touch it almost kills me
Then it turns around and heals me
I get lost and found again
In the arms of a woman that her mother gave a name, Maria

Tender power
The gift she gives me gets me through the day
Midnight hour
I reach across the bed where she lay
Then I look up and see the mood dance on her skin
My heart starts pounding once again
It's a sweet intoxication of powerful frustration
How I want her
Oh how I need her

Refrão 2x

I'm exhausted
I'm still trying to catch my breath
Ohhh maria

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