Letra da Música: Look What I Found - Chris Cagle

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For so long, i searched in desperation
For one love, that would always be true
I came close, but there were always complications
I finally decided there was nothing i could do
So i gave up
And i let go
And as soon as i did
Wouldn't you know

Just look what i found when i wasn't
Look what i found when i was just being me
I turned around and love was mine for the taking
Look what i found when she found me

Now there's a lot of lonely people out
There waiting
And there's a lot of lonely people searching too
But if you've got too many expectations
You might miss the one who's right in front of you
No telling when
No telling why
She'll say hello and you'll know
You'll never say goodbye

And every single day i'm still surprised
When i turn around and i look into her eyes
I'm like a kid who won a prize
Look what i found
Just look at what i found

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