Letra da Música: I'd Find You - Chris Cagle

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In a crowd, in the dark
I would walk straight to your heart
Without and hesitatoin
Every turn, every town
Every highway I go down
Baby, you're me destination
And even if nowhere was where every road led me to

I'd find you, i'd find you
In the day or the night, in the black or the white
In the red of a rose or the depths of the ocean blue
I'd find you

Even if you and I
Never met, still i know i'd find you
You among the millions
It's beyond my control
Like a magnet pullin my soul
Across the great devision
And even if i lost my way in this world i walk through


All my life i need you next to me
Cause in your eyeys i see my destiny
And i'd find you, yeah i'd find you
In the facoe of a child, in the warmth of a smile
On the first day of spring when the flowers grow wild
Every song ever sung abotu bein' in love
Every kiss, every hug, every touch
Anytime, anyplace, in the whole human race
In the sweet memoires and the ones yet to be
In the wrong and the right and the beauty that lies in the truth
I'd find you
Yeah, i'd find you

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