Letra da Música: I Love It When She Does That - Chris Cagle

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She's got a way of making me feel strong
A style and grace thats all her own
And she's got a way of making me feel like a man
Everytime she takes my hand

The clouds roll back
All my troubles disappear
Everytime that she draws me near

She's like a cool drink of water
Everytime she touches my skin
Like a warm ray of sunshine
When she whispers that she loves me and
she lets me in ohh
She looks at me and I wind up on my knees
She takes my heart and don't give it back yeah
I love it when she does that

She's got a smile that makes men weak
Brother, thats what happened to me
And, she's got a voice that moves me like a song
and I could listen to it all night long

She 'aint perfect
And she dont pretend to be
And everything that's wrong with her is perfect for me


Like the stars at night
Ohhh that girls my guiding light
And I'll stay by her side for the rest of my life


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