Letra da Música: Growin' Love - Chris Cagle

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Verso 1:
Sun shinin
The rain falls down
And the cold winds blow
And the heat cracks the ground
But down a dirt road
Out in chickasaw county
The only thing i notice is when your arms are around me

Cuz its you and me and 15 acres
Feild of dreams for the love we're makin
We got the seed to sow
Now we're just waitin on the crops to grow
Day by day it just gets sweeter
Plantin roots they just grow deeper
Takin our own sweet time
Till it falls right off the vine
And with a little help from up above
Oh, we're not growin old
We're growin love

Verso 2:
World turns
And the seasons change
And peopel grow
And people change
But down my dirt raod, oh
My grass is always greener
My little peice of the heartland
Only heaven could be sweeter

Refrão 2x

We're not growin old we're growin love

Sun shinin...and the rain falls down

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