Letra da Música: Maria-shut-mouth (maria Moita) - Carlos Lyra

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My father was a foreman
And my mother
Slave from birth
My father slept
On double bed
And she on beaten earth
When my father yelled
'Come here!' I'm afraid
She would only
Shut her mouth and obey
A silent woman
Never fears
Her man will go away

God made man first
And then he just
Made woman out of man
And that is why the woman
Always works
For both of them
When a man comes home
He wants to be fed
So the woman sets
His table and bed
And on her feet
Or on her back
She'll work until she's dead

The rich man wakes up late
And will do nothing
But complain
The poor man
Wakes up early just in time
To catch his train
So I'll pray
To all the saints that I know
And we'll ask Xangô
To come down on earth
And get his hands
On every jerk
Who never tried to work!

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