Letra da Música: Torn and Tangled - Bruce Robison

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Well I don't know how to tell you
But I'm not the man for you
I left my heart in a hotel room
Down the road a town or two
I guess I tried a little hard
To hold onto what I got
Sometimes it feels like this old train's just
Runnin' out of stops

And I won't always feel this way
And I'm just living day to day
Since my body's torn and tangled
And my baby went away

Drinkin' too much beer with an old man
In a little place downtown
He said watch out for god and the army boy
'Cause they'll get you when you're down
And I'll be the first to tell you
I gotta let go of them old dreams
But I swear by god that little girl
Was the best thing I ever seen

And I know she had to go
And I try but it takes a while you know
When your body's torn and tangled
And there's nothin' left to hold

I'm a little past bein' angry
I'm in the middle of bein' blue
My shirt is stained with all those things
I swore I'd never do

And sometimes when sleep won't come
I know I am not the only one
Who got their body torn and tangled
And their love out on the run

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