Letra da Música: Tonight - Bruce Robison

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They say when you are young, it's a shame you don't know
But I remember laughin' wherever I'd go
A flirt or a flame or a friend or a fight
I can't come home now ma
'Cause anything might happen tonight

The night is on fire, I gotta beer and a smoke
And your gut hurts from laughin' at some dirty joke
That you really shouldn't tell cause you know it ain't right
But you can't help but feelin' like
Anything might happen tonight

With a kiss and a whisper in the backseat of a car
Collecting young girls just like fireflies in a jar
But the glass is all empty, their wings took flight
So fill it up good joe cause anything might happen tonight

There's beer on my breath as I lean to your ear
I try not to yell but you cant hardly hear
If we close our eyes and try with all of our might
Can you remember that feelin'
Like anything might happen tonight

Who is that girl with the red dress on
She makes me remember back when I was young
And i'd give anything for just a little more moonlight
I can't come home now ma
'Cause anything might happen tonight

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