Letra da Música: The Good Life - Bruce Robison

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I promised you the good life and all the finer things
Fancy clothes and Cadillacs and lots of diamond rings
The Bible tells us that the lilies are the best dressed of the flowers
But it's hard to dress a woman on five fifteen an hour

C H O R U S:
This is the good life, sitting in a bar
Playing all these songs I love, wonderin' where you are
Smoking all these cigarrettes and drinking all this beer
This is the good life, I wish that you were here

Now you say that you don't love me none, and honey that's all right
'Cause I got lots of better things that I can do tonight
Like wondering what became of all the stars of yesteryear
While I watch the angels dancing in the bubbles in my beer


This is the good life, I wish that you were here

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