Letra da Música: Take It All Out on You - Bruce Robison

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You better look out you're gonna get it
I'm gettin' worried for you
You got no idea what you gettin' into
I've been alone for all these years
You say you've been hurtin'
This world can be hard on a girl like you
I know
I know what you've been through
That ain't no reason to keep you feelin' blue

C H O R U S:
Oh ah this burning inside me
Searchin' for someone to satisfy me
So much love what am I gonna do
I'll take it all out on you

It doesn't matter what's the matter
You do what you gotta do
If it comes down to you need me honey I need you
Woah oh let me tell you darling my love is true


No more spending the long nights bein' alone
Oh honey I'm missin' your loving and kissin'
Darlin' I'm comin' home

C H O R U S (2x)

I'll take it all out on you
I'll take it all out on you

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