Letra da Música: Rayne, Louisiana - Bruce Robison

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So long Rayne, Louisiana
Never see me no more
Hundred dollars thirty days in the slammer
I'd rather hit the road
I found I'm goin' crazy
Every day here the same
I'm bound to go to the city
Where nobody knows my name
How many days can I walk this road
From the levee to the farm
Wake up in the morning in the same old place
Only the leavin' is left in gone

So long New Orleans
Nothing but a waste of time
Hot nights down in the quarter
Took me my last dime
Well I count the waves in the water
Just like an old drunk bum
Deep down Mississippi river
Where's it all come from
How many days can you spend in the shadows
Hidin' from the sun
Waitin' for the night to lay your money
On a point that never comes

So long New York City
My dreams are dead and gone
No heart no damn pity
I believe I'm headed home
One time before I'm leavin'
I'm gonna roll them dice
If it comes in I got no worries
If I lose I lose my life
How many days can I spend in the middle
Of the black concrete and cars
Been so cruel and care so little
Bout a man that's come so far

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