Letra da Música: Emotionally Gone - Bruce Robison

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It was a big Boston wedding with much panache and style
In a sea of pink dresses, flash cubes and fake smiles

The cake was so sweet, the champagne so strong
Not a single soul noticed you were emotionally gone

Beside a mountain of presents the band blew off some steam
The men wrecked the car with beer cans and whipped cream

You didn't need no rehearsal to look just like yo belong
Pretendin' only comes natural, when you're emotionally gone

Lay your big brown eyes on that flyin' bouquet
Darlin' who wouldn't want to be bride for a day
And who wouldn't want a friend who knows they are
There was no way to tell, he'd never take you that far

The clean-up crew came and went in less than an hour
They rolled up the tent filled the trach bag with flowers
Now there's a thank you card floatin' towards the great beyond
Nobody knows where to reach you when you're emotionally gone

You're emotionally gone

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