Letra da Música: Drivin' All Night Long - Bruce Robison

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The full moon's glowin' out so bright
It's light out on the highway
I can't hear the engine
For the wheels out on the road
The wind is blowin' freezin'
But it keeps my eyes wide open
3am driving's for them hauls a heavy load

C H O R U S:
But I got to tell her that I'm sorry
And I got to tell her I was wrong
And I got to show her I still love her
But I've been drivin' all night long

A hundred miles from nowhere
There are houses on the highway
Empty in the dark
A place that someone once called home
But maybe they put sheets on chairs
And tables like the movies
But I know that in real life
They're as empty as my soul


But if I fell
I'd turn my wheel into that semi comin'
But I know well
That there's a man in there tryin' to get home
And waitin' up and worrying
Is the one who loves him dearly
But I ain't thinkin' clearly
I've been drivin' all night long

People think I'm lazy
And I'm scared to just stop runnin'
And people think I'm crazy
And I don't know that she's gone
But I know that I got two hundred miles
To make 'fore morning
But I don't think too much
'Cause I've been drivin' all night long

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