Letra da Música: Anyone But Me - Bruce Robison

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What was I thinkin', what was I drinkin'
How did I end up here
It hit me this morning, it came without a warnin'
It's been awhile since I tasted a tear
When wounds to the heart are your own damn fault
You'll never feel it cut so deep
But I know that somewhere tonight
You could love anyone but me

Loving a memory, relivin' the past
Seems like such a waste of time
I can't even start to get you out of my heart
If I could just get you outta my mind
The lonely grew stronger all day long
Followed me to work and home
A constant reminder of how you tried,
And now you're gone

If you could just hold me, I'd tell you I'm sorry
It'd be like it used to be
But I know that somewhere tonight
you could love anyone but me

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