Letra da Música: More Than I Can Stand - Bobby Womack

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oh, baby!
girl, don't pull the rug from under my feet (don't do it baby)
don't leave, don't leave me so, i'm talking in my sleep
this could be the start of a nightmare
waking up and not finding you there
it would be more that i could stand

oh, baby
girl, don't leave me so i'm pacing the floor (don't do it baby)
cause that's, that's what i'll do if you close the door
maybe i've been too hung up on myself
but don't change me by putting my heart on a shelf
cause that's more than i could stand

why you wanna leave me?
why you wanna go?
i promise not
to never never hurt you no more

oh, please don't leave me
please don't go
by causin' my heart to ache
causin' it to break

we, we've still got, a lot of love to give (yeah)
so turn around, baby (turn around)
while there's a lot of life to live
leavin' me would ruin all of my plans
it would be like tying the both of my hands
and that's more baby than i could stand

why you wanna leave me?
why you wanna go?

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