Letra da Música: Busy Man - Billy Ray Cyrus

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There's a little boy standin' in the driveway, Basketball in hand.
Says Daddy can we play a little one-on-one.
You pat him on the back and say not now son, I'm a busy man.

His sisters out on the sidewalk, Setin' up a lemonade stand.
Hey Daddy don't ya wanta' buy a glass from me.
You say maybe later can't ya see, I'm a busy man.

You gotta go, Gotta run, Hit it hard and get it done.
Everyone can see your goin' far.
You've got responsibilities, The crazy schedule that you keep.
And when you say that times a wastin',
You don't know how right you are, Busy man.

There's a women in the bedroom cryin', Sayin' I thought we had plans.
You say honey I'm sorry I'll make it up,
When the job slows down and I'm not such, A busy man.
(Repeat Chorus)
Have you ever seen a headstone with these words,
"If only I had spent more time at work".

There's a call one day from the office.
They need you down in Birmin'ham.
You say no way the weekends mine.
I've got plans with the kids and a date with my wife,
I'm a busy man.

Gotta go, Gotta run, Take a break and have some fun.
Those who love you most say that you've come far.
Got some new priorities in that schedule that you keep.
And when you say that times a wastin',
Now you know how right you are,
Busy man, Busy man.

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