Letra da Música: Give it to Me - Big Daddy Kane

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Ready willin and able
Here comes the new modern day Dark Gable
On the mattress and on the boxsprings
Girls, they wanna sport me like bamboo earrings
The go-getter, the skins-hitter
And if your girl says she met me.. I probably did her
Word up, the sex super stud
I jump your bones like ten Crips against one Blood
(NASTY!) The N-A-S-T-Y
Ready for action if you wanna see why
So come on, and let's do this
As I, tiptoe through your tu-lips
Like Moses, I part them legs like the Red Sea
And then I plant somethin deadly
Poundin and poundin, is how I'm servin this
Makin it look like, your bed is goin through turbulence
Lots of lust, between the two of us
The sign on my Jimmy says, "Kidney's or bust," so
I shove deeper than the voice of Barry
to make you hit high notes like Mariah Carey
It's like a Morris Day jerkout
to put you in more positions than a Jane Fonda workout
I'm ready to tear down walls
You say let's chill, but to hell with that,
I'm not Aaron Hall, so..


Give it to me, give it to me (Give it here..) (4x)

I paid the cost to be the boss
like with that HIV rumor they tried to toss
But I'm so good with the women that if I ever caught AIDS
a woman doctor'd find a cure just so she could get laid
So never fear my dear, just come on over here
I practice safe sex, with girls I lay next
In other words, the J-hat's on the head
Cause I'm too sexy for AIDS like Right Said Fred
So can touch you there, hah? Hah?
I like to take my, time, whenever, I'm
massagin my fingers through a girl -- ooh-wee
I leave her wet, just like her beaver had a jheri curl
Then I begin to hit those skins
So baby doll, let let me in
* sample of Q-Tip going "uh, uhh, uh, uhh" from _Check the Rhyme_ *
And if you're the slight bit tight from virginity..
.. vaseline on me!

[Chorus] (4x)

Just another pervert that loves to flirt
with a skirt so at a concert girls stay alert
Cause I be hoppin on em just like a frog
I run through, a Luke video, like it's a smorgasboard
I start sweatin, my back gets to humpin
then I thump and I thump and I thump and I thump
I don't carry a gun but I'm packin somethin lethal
One of the last she-BOINKIN people
So come on Miss Thing don't front
You got me on a hunt, and you know what I want, that,
U-S-S-Y, wait, that's not the way, oh
Pass the P's like they used to say!
And when I give you this fat one
You gotta guard your grill.. honey nonononononono, not that one..
Because I give girls the grand slam
I'm like a radio station: CONTINOUS JAMS

[Chorus] (8x)

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