Letra da Música: Everybody - Basement Jaxx

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Sit tight if you wanna be my romeo
Sit right if you gonna be my homeo
Rah! Watch my face on the video
Hypnotose - Breakout! - on the radio

'Cos I'll be rockin my big fat coat when I'm in the snow
Make you shout 'Oi! Oi!' as you watch me go
Can't be spending my time in the shadow
Watch me twist my lime before I pogo

Riding slick horse, on the rodeo
Watch the competition fall like dominoes

Cool it!
Who you foolin'?
In love with a movie star...

What's your game, what's your game?
What's your game?
What's your game?
What's your game?

'Cos we all got our ups and downs
And we all got our bills to pay
Everybody, everybody
We all struggle everyday

Mr Politician
Are you there to help the working man?
Don't let power run away with you
Don't think we can't see through you

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