Letra da Música: You're All I Need To Get By - Aretha Franklin

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You're All I Need To Get By

(You?re all I need to get by)
(You?re all I need to get by)
(You?re all I need to get by)
(You?re all I need to get by)
(You?re all.....I need....to get by-hi-hi)

Oh (whoa-oh-ho)
IknowthatI?lllovehimtomorrowESBCT!(oh) whoa oh ho

Like the sweet morning dew
I took one look at you
And it was plain to see you were my destiny
With my arms open wide I threw away my pride
I sacrificed for you, dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead, I?ll be right there in a time of need
And when I lose my will, you?ll be right there to push me up that hill

(There?s no) no (no lookin? back for us) no way bab-bay
(We?ve got enough to show love that?s enough)
(You?re all) you?re all, all (you?re all I need)
(You?re all, you?re all I need, you?re all)
You?re all I need baby baby, to get by yeah, get by

Like an eagle protects his nest, for you I?ll do my best
Stand by you like a tree and damn anybody that try an move me
Darling in you I found, straight for I was torn down
I don?t know what?s in store, but together we can open any door
Just to do what?s good for you, I?ll inspire you alittle bit higher
I know you can make a real man
I?m a soul that didn?t have a goal

(Cause we?ve) yeah ( we?ve got the right foundation)
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (and we?ve got determination)
Yes we do (oh) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
(You?re all, you?re all I need you?re all)
Yes, baby (you?re all I need you?re all)
(You?re all)
Oooo you?re all that I need to get by-i-i-i-i
Yeah, yeah

AslongasIgotyouthenbabyyouknowthatyougot me!
(Whoa) whoa (yeah) um umm hum
ThinkinIlovehimtomorrowESBCT! oh whoa oh oh oh oh

(Baby) uum hum uum hum
Oh you?re all I need (yeah)
You?re all that I need
You?re all that I need

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