Letra da Música: The House That Jack Built - Aretha Franklin

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Originally released July 26, 1968 as the B side of
"I Say A Little Prayer For You"
It hit number 6 on the pop charts and number 2 on the R&B charts

This is the house that Jack built, y'all
Remember this house!

This was the land that he worked by hand
It was the dream of an upright man
This was the room that was filled with love
It was a love that he was proud of
This was a life of a love he planned
Of a love and a life we loved
In the house that Jack built.
(the house that Jack built)
Remember this house!

There was the fence that held our love (yes it was),
There was the gate that he walked out of
This is the heart that is turned to stone (yes it is)
This was the house, but it ain't no home
This is the love that I once had
In a dream that I thought was love,
In the house that Jack built (the house that Jack built),
I'm gonn' remember this house!

Oh-ohh wha-a-at's the use of crying?
'Cause I brought it on myself
There's no denying
But it see-e-ee-ems awful funny
That I didn't understand
Was it a house of an upright man

Up on the hill
There's a big plan still
In the house that Jack built
(the house that Jack built)
I'm gonn' remember this house
(the house that Jack built)

I got the house
I got the car
I got the rug
And I got the rack
But I ain't got Jack (Jack)
(I ain't got Jack, Jack)
And I want my Jack back!

I turned my back on Jack
He said he wasn't coming back
I turned my back on Jack
he said he wasn't coming back
Ohhh, Jack
Ohh! Come on back
Ohh Jack
Oh come on back
He wanted to use me

I didn't understand
I said, I want my upright man

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