Letra da Música: Put You Up On Game (com Fantasia) - Aretha Franklin

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Come on over here sweetie
I really wanna talk to you
For a few minutes

Sure your in love again
Your never sure
He's gonna be the one
Cause on the first night
He tryed to get the ooey
Cause he kiss you on
Your cheek
And called you baby
It don't mean
He ain't running no game

Could you listen for a minute
You ain't the one who is in it

Now listen
Don't get it twisted
I ain't hatingg
Cause I been there
And I've done
That I'm just
Watchingg your back

Lemme put you up on game
Every man is different
But the game won't change
Lemme put you up on game
So you don't make
The same mistakes I made
Lemme put you up on game
Game makes the players
And the players play the game
So before you go and take
His last name lemme
Put you up on up on game

Now I hear what you sayingg
And I know you tested
For worse in your days
And you been through
Some things
He might just be the one
My get up and summon
Is something bout em so different

You gotta know yourself
A lil better
I'm tryna help you
Girl for what it's worth

Cause you done been there
And done that
I ain't gon go out like that


I don't wanna see you hurt

I'll be okay
Make a sure thing before
Sometimes you think
You know
But you don't so
Follow my advice
Sometimes you gotta know
You need help


I understand what you saying
No you don't
I already know all that
No you don't now listen
To the voice of experience
I'm listening you know
A hard head will make
A rude pootey tootey


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