Letra da Música: Groovin' - Aretha Franklin

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Now all crew come get some sunshine
summer time vibes come back again
tell all your friends man!

Groovin' on a summer afternoon.
Groovin' couldn't get away too soon.

Now every woman every man come listen this one
from the heartical dan Mr. Pato Banton.
Me comin' in c-comin' in c-comin' in strong
with a positive summer time vibration.
Cause in the winter me can't take the cold
body start shiver when the breeze start blow.
Car can't start cause the engine froze
can't move me fingers, can't feel me toes.
But in the summer when the sun shine bright
kick off me boot put on me air nike.
Leave me car and jump pon me bike
it's this kind of weather I like.

Well everyday people are in a rat race
but if I could I would just slow down the pace.
Like a record on a deck, switch the speed
from 45 down to 33.
Woh! Nice and slow
sun a shine and breeze a blow.
Lord! Nice and easy
just a chill with me friends and family.

I can't imagine anything that's better
the world is ours whenever we're together
there ain't no place I'd rather be instead of groovin'!

Now in the struggle of life to achieve success
everyone goes through some form of stress.
The rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief
lawyer and the doctor, even the priest.

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