Letra da Música: All Of My Love - Al Jarreau

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No one’s ever held me like you hold me
No one’s ever touched me in this way
But I’m not runnin’ anymore
never felt this way before

All of my love I will give to you
all of my dreams will be comin’ true
In the heat of a tangled kiss
Say you will and I promise you this
All of my love I will give to you
All that I ask is you love me too
take a look, I’m never far behind
turn around and gimme gimme gimme a sign

I will put my feelings into one place
center my emotions on your face
I could spend a lifetime sharin’ night time
‘Cause when you’re lyin close to me
somethin’ tells me that you need


so, be my lover, be my friend
say this love will never end
want no other in my life
our forever starts tonight
All of my love
Oh yes


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