Letra da Música: You Don't Know me - Al Green

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You don't know me
You don't understand
You don't know me
Just what kind of man
If you love me
Just take my hand
I will help you to understand

I may look the same
Carry the same old name
But a change has come
To make me someone new
I may look the part
But it wasn't from my heart
Quit livin' that lie
When I met Jesus face to face

Repeat Chorus

I may wear the same old clothes
Lookin' like I haven't been told
I can see Jesus Christ
Right through this veil of tears
You don't know my heart
I'm talkin' about the sacred part
It gets a little better
And better and better
All through the years

Repeat Chorus

This thing started a long time ago
I'm talkin' back in the Bible days
People thinking they know you
And living a live
And dealing in contrary ways
Don't let it stop your stuff
You gotta be tough
These things will soon come to pass

Keep your head in the sky
You can get by
And come out the victor at last

Repeat Chorus

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