Letra da Música: Blue - 9 Lives

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When I was young I was told to stay away
But all I ever wanted was to go out and play
Never imagined what it might be like if I didn't have the chance to see
What it was that I wanted to be

Can anybody tell me where I went wrong?
You're so young and so damned headstrong
You said don't let anyone stand in your way
Don't listen to anything that they say
Stand and fight for what it is that you believe

Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Can anybody tell me where she went wrong?
It's hard to imagine where we'd be if we'd all just let her be
Brought together, just you and me

When I look at the stars at night
There is no wrong or right
When I'm feeling so abused
And I'm feeling so down and blue
Can you tell me where she went wrong?
Can you help me, I'm not that strong
Of all the feelings from my youth
All I really really need is love

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