Cifra da música: Say to the mountain - Paul Wilbur - Gospel

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      F                        C7 
   I will say to the mountain that stands in my way 
        Bb            C7           F 
   be removed now and cast in the sea. 
   I believe that those things wich I say come to pass 
       Bb           C7      F 
   and have what so ever I say. 
         Bb           C7      F 
   Yes I have what so ever I say. 

          Bb        F      Bb 
   I will walk by what God says 
        F      Bb     F   Bb 
   and not by what I see, 
    F         Bb         F    Bb 
   for those things are temporal 
            C7             F 
   they're subject to be changed. 

   (mesma sequencia anterior) 

   I hold fast to my confession 
   I won't change my mind. 
   God has promised He will do it 
   He's faithfull all the time.

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