Cifra da música: Angelina - Mallu Magalhães

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A música Angelina fez muito sucesso quando foi gravada por Mallu Magalhães. Quer conhecer as demais músicas? Conheça as letras das músicas gravadas por Mallu Magalhães e aproveite.

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D                                       F
Oh Angelina, Angelina was a friend of mine
              D                                               F
She used to listen to my chords and ripple: “heaven seams fine”
D                                                             F
Oh, Angelina, they said you are just a bag which matches shoes
                D                                 F
But you are the one who listens to my claming blues
D                                            F
Oh, Angelina, Angelina was always by my side,
             D                                 F
She can take mountains they would call too wide
D                                                         F
Not too wide for Angelina cause she never criticize my acts
D                                                  F
No, not my Angelina, she’ll never analyze the facts
D                                         F
Oh, Angelina, she keeps my most secret colors,
D                                                 F
But she won’t give anyone my zero dot fifty dollars
D                                                      F
And if I need something, I can count on Angelina’s mind
D                                                 F
Cause inside her there is always what I wanna find
D                                             F
Oh, Angelina, she carries things behind my back
D                                                 F
And she doesn’t claim my harmonicas are out of whack.

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