Cifra da música: Again Again - Lady Gaga

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A música Again Again fez muito sucesso quando foi gravada por Lady Gaga. Quer conhecer a letra dela? Veja a letra de Again Again e cante.

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You got a lotta lotta nerve
A         E
comin here
when im still with him
       E                     D
and I cant have isnt fair
A              E
On March of '86
                D                    E             D
My birthday is comin..& if I had one wish, yea you'd be it

When youre around
I lose myself

Inside your mouth
You got brown eyes

like no one else
D                E
Baby, make it to me

again, again,
E                D
again, again, again.
E        D
Never stop.  2x

He never really saw me
or waited when we
were hookin up, yea he'd never..last
Last week when I was sad
You said that you knew
My eyes changed from kinda green, to kinda blue


Tell me..If I leave here
Baby, would you be there?
E                        D
Cos Baby, you could be mine mine mine
All ther time time time

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