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Tom: A#		

Staring from my room I see them
Holding hands wish I could be them
Lovers doing what we use to do

(But I'm stuck here alone)
That's the way it's been here lately
You're too busy now to save me
Gm                                   F
Feels like you forget I'm waiting for you

Eb                 F
Sometimes I wish I could just let go
But I love you (I love you)
Eb                                          F
And I believe that one day you will come around

But can you tell me

Bb                   F                          Gm  Eb
How do I always end up being the girl at the window
Bb                   F                          Gm   Eb
I tell myself I'm not gonna wait for you whenever you go
Bb                   F
You give me your word and I always take it
You say you'll be home but you never make it
So why do I...
                                  Eb      F    Gm    F
Always end up that girl at the window (the window)
Eb           F    Gm
The girl at the window

I know you're working that's why you're leaving
I will never argue your reasons
Gm                                   F
If this means that you believe in them
Oh time goes on and we're growing apart
Broken promises break my heart
Gm                                         F
Please don't give me a reason to say goodbye

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