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E                     E7           E/D                           A            E
It's not that I can't live without you /  It's just that I don't even want to try
              E7          E/D                   A               B7
Every night I dream about you /  Ever since the day we said goodbye
            E              A                        Am
If I wasn't such a fool /  Right now I'd be holding you 
                                E     D              B7
There's nothing that I wouldn't do /  Baby if I only knew

E                               A
The words to say /  The road to take 
          B7               E                  C#m
To find a way back to your heart / What can I do  
          A                B7               E
To get to you / And find a way back to your heart

             E7               E/D                     A                     E
I don't know how it got so crazy /     But I'll do anything to set things right
                    E7           E/D                  A                  B7
'Cause your love is so amazing/       Baby you're the best thing in my life
                E              A                            Am
Let me prove my love is real / And made you  feel the way I feel
                           E      D                           B7
I promise I would give the world /  If only you would tell me girl

Give me one more chance, To give my love to you
                      B7                              E
'Cause no one on this earth loves you like I do, tell me

            D#m                   B
I turn back time /  To make you mine
           C#7              F#                 D#m
And find a way back to your heart /  I beg and plead 
            B                   C#7              F#
Fall to my knees /    To find a way back to your heart


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