Letra da Música: In the Tower - Yes

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Like a stair reach up
As moonlight, as of fire
In the middle of desire
By the master light that sees us in the wind
We carry on, on and on

Like coldness in the wind
That would change life's true desire
Seeing winter, summer, autumn, spring again

In the quiet of morning mist
I dream of you
In the tallest tower I think I always will

Tall death that haunted me so
Can't find no well design
Can't help it on your own

Surley time will come
When the talents of a lifetime spent with you
Surely makes the best of chance

Like the wind can tell us
For what is true is life
Days gone by
Days gone by
Days gone by

We meet by the tower of true love
We sit beside us in the rain
Smiling with the raindrops clear

Like the sun can tell us
For what is true is life
For what is true is life
For what is true is life

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