Letra da Música: A girl who wants to date - Y-Y

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Always like the first time, a sweet phone call to wake me up.
Even if they tell me a they love me countless times it's
like cotton candy that you can't get sick of

When was that day? Even my memory is very vague.
I was pretty popular long time ago.

On an off day I call because I'm bored. All my friends say
they're busy meeting their boyfriends.
After cleaning all day I took a nap because I was tired
thinking that maybe in my dreams.. maybe in my dreams

When my friends see that I'm alone they tell me that my standards
are too high and that I've gotta feel the lonliness more
to get a hold of myself.

I spend today thinking about what I'm going to do. I spent the whole
day ranksacking the internet looking for my first love wondering if
I should give them a call. Maybe they're waiting for me.

What is this thing called love? I'm waiting for it.
If I meet a really good person this time then I'm
really going to hold onto them.
I'm so lonely. I'll wait for you

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